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Buckle Up, It’s Time To Learn What is:

Digital Marketing

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Step 1: Target Your Digital Marketing

Before you start drafting anything, your positioning needs to be identified. we work with our clients to dig into target market profiling using the below tactics.


Who Is Your Ideal Customer

Reaching the widest audience is not the best method in digital marketing. Quality scores and relevance play a big part in cost and effectiveness of efforts. We work with our clients to fill out this customer avatar sheet to identify their core aspirations, source of news, detailed demographics, challenges and roles in the buying journey.

What is Your Buyers Journey

As a marketer, you are already familiar with the traditional buyers funnel that leads the purchaser through awareness, interest, desire, and action. But we take this a step further to identify how much time your ideal client spends in each phase, while assigning keywords that can signal which phase is currently in use. This allows a marketer to assign higher values to more intentional clients during pay-per-click campaigns and email marketing efforts.

Define Features Vs Benefits

In this Before/After exercise you will explore the pains which your business solves for consumers. The before represents the negative attributes that your prospect is experiencing before using your product or service. The after should exemplify the positive attributes that your prospect is experiences after using your product or service.

Unique Selling Proposition

Every great business doesn’t just do it better than the competition, it differentiates from the competition. This USP Worksheet works through how to position your product or service as the solution for your client’s issue, while providing real life examples to follow along.

Step 2: Implement Your Digital Strategy

unlike some of our competitors, we prefer to implement the strategies together. because marketing isn’t rocket science, but it is time consuming.


Website Foundation

We’ll review your CMS choices, and the benefits each can provide for your specific business with a responsive mobile friendly design focus. From there, we implement the basics of on-page SEO including optimized URLs, H1/H2/H3s, alt tags, meta data and titles.

Technology Stack

Beyond the actual content management system chosen, the next most important part is building out a technology stack that promotes consistent marketing. This includes lead infrastructure, email marketing, automation tools, and analytical infrastructure like Google Analytics and Search Console.

Content Strategy

SEO is never a set it and forget it strategy. With the ever evolving nature of the internet, it is important for marketers to keep relevant content and keep up with the latest trends. We work with our clients to provide a content calendar tailored towards ideal customers, focused on business goals like margins and inventory, and optimized for each social platform.

Lead Generation

We focus on three main channels of lead generation for new customer acquisition and revenue growth. Our inbound strategies are focused around consistent search engine optimization. The second channel focuses on outbound strategies such as automated email sequences and push notifications. And finally one of our favorite channels is paid media, including pay-per-click ads, local link outreach, and referral networking.

Let’s Keep in Touch

If you find this step by step process helpful, let’s keep in touch. We regularly send free marketing tips and chances to win free strategy sessions.

Step 3: Optimize Your Online Marketing

Step 3 is what makes the difference between throwing money away and utilizing a budget to it’s fullest extent. This step reviews ways to tweak and fix new ideas and issues.


Pipeline Management

As your outsourced marketing department, we support sales enablement. This includes training materials for your sales team, marketing collateral, and monthly analytics reports to share with the team. In addition, we provide lead nurturing content including how to blogs, and monthly newsletters.

Data Analytics

Our analytics provide insights into website goals like click actions taken, landing page entries, web journey funnels, and demographic details. In addition, we add social media analytics into the bundle with followers, engagement rates, and actual lead counts.

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